Bernardo Aldea, CEO KUDAW /

#BigData #IA


Bernardo is one of the relevant Big Data players in the Chilean market. He is a Civil Engineer and Computer Science major at the University of Santiago, and is currently the founder and General Manager of Kudaw, a company dedicated to Big Data and Real Time Data Processing. He has promoted pioneering projects, introducing the Big Data concept and processing in real time, applying important companies in the financial area, retail chains, telecom, education and mining as; Sinacofi, Falabella, Correos de Chile, Latam Airlines, BCI, Entel, Redbanc. He has 17 years of experience as a technology solutions provider and more than 10 years of experience in the Financial Industry. Special emphasis has been assigned by Bernardo to the field of Machine Learning, which occupies a preferential place in the company’s business strategy. He has developed an important role that promotes the digital transformation of companies in Chile, leading innovative projects of Machine Learning applied to neural networks, process control and expert systems in order to enhance the usefulness of machines and their processes.


BIG DATA & AI: An imminent threat or an opportunity?

Organizations are changing as they are handled by data (Data Driven) with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). We are in a fourth industrial revolution where data is the new oil. The accelerated development of these technologies tells us that we must be aware of future challenges. What are the opportunities we can visualize? How will industries and our society be transformed? Are we aware of the changes? How to apply BIG DATA & IA to boost my business?