Bart Schouw (Holanda), Chief Evangelist Software AG /

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 Bart Schouw is the Chief Evangelist of Software AG and responsible for amplification of Software AG’s core messages around vision, mission and product portfolio. Bart started his career in IT after graduating in Business Administration and has 25+ years of experience in the field, particular in real-time analytics and IoT. Bart is an executive sponsor in a number of strategic customer initiatives that push the boundaries if it comes to innovation, supporting our customers not only from a technology side but also from an organizational Go-To-Market perspective. Currently Bart is a driving force behind the newly formed Software AG ERA Championship (the world’s first all-electric junior formula racing series) to promote inclusion, diversity and sustainability in motorsport. Bart is a regular contributor to popular blogs and a writer of articles for websites like Big Data Quarterly.


The Three Superpowers to Power your Digital Transformation: Speed, Scale and Mindset

We live in a connected world and you need to be a truly connected enterprise to deliver what your customers, partners and employees have come to expect. But the digital transformation that’s needed to connect people, technology and processes is getting more complex every day. To survive and thrive, every company has to become a software company. But what exactly does that mean to you and your company? In this 30 min keynote Bart will take you on a journey on the future of customer experience and explain the disruptive impact of new business models on your organization. Bart will present the three super powers you have to acquire to guarantee a successful Digital Transformation, so your company can become Truly Connected as well. Bart will proof those powers by analyzing a number of Software AG customers that have been leapfrogging their