Javier Re (Argentina), CEO CrowdAr S.A. y Founder, Lippia.io /

#DevOps #testautomation #softwaretesting

CEO at Crowdar and Founder of Lippia.io. He is dedicated to the search for new business opportunities worldwide to continue growing in IT Consulting, Software Quality, Test Automation with high quality standards. 

Besides having a Software Engineering degree and a PMP Certification in 2006, he obtained a Master in Business Administration in 2011 with the main objective of enhancing his business skills. He has more than 15 years of experience in Technology applied to Business.


How to get a lifeline to accompany in the storms of financial digital transformation: Banco Bice and Consortium

In this talk Javier will tell you how we, from CrowdAr, came to the rescue of two highly digitized teams that had to solve specific problems generated by the digitization of their businesses and how we accompanied them from two different perspectives: DevOps and Automation, to continue accelerating their digital business process while continuing to address specific business objectives.