Arvind Ludhiarich, Manager Director Latinamerica, Conversica. /

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Arvind brings over 25 years of experience in B2B and B2C commercial and operational roles across various industries. Most recently, Arvind was the Chief Commercial Officer at, one of the most used sources of online industry business information in Latin America. Prior to that he worked in Retail Insurance, where he built and launched the first Online Insurance Aggregator – Broker Sales model in LATAM. Arvind started his career in Project Management and worked in Inside Sales, Online Sales and Commercial leadership roles in India, Italy, Chile and Venezuela. Arvind has a Mechanical Engineering degree from India and an MBA from UAI in Chile.

Now Arvind is leading Conversica in Latam, one of the most fast growing companies from Silicon Valley, providing Intelligent Virtual Assistants for companies, helping organizations increase their workforce to attract, grow and retain customers. The iconic artificial intelligence sales assistant Conversica® helps companies find and secure customers more quickly and efficiently by contacting, engaging, qualifying and autonomously monitoring potential customers through natural and bi-directional conversations. Employed by more than 1,600 companies worldwide, Conversica’s AI assistants are based on a proven and patented platform that integrates natural language understanding (NLU), natural language generation (NLG), autonomous chains of action and deep learning capabilities that involve perspectives across multiple communication channels and in multiple languages.


The Future of Work with AI – What is the impact that AI has in your sales?

By including Intelligent Assistants in your business, your team’s efficiency automatically increases. Large number of companies invest a lot of money and energy to generate leads, many of these leads are not ready or interested. With Intelligent Assistants you do not waste time, they qualify and separate the leads according to their quality and interest. In this conference, Arvind will explain in detail the skills of our Conversica Intelligent Assistant and why it would have a big impact on your business and sales.