Arturo Sánchez Contreras (Mexico), Head of Business Unit for Latam /

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With 19 years in the communications sector; 13 of them managing both service and product areas and 6 in the world of implementing different MVNOs models; where he has developed a series of techniques to facilitate the launching of entities that have to become virtual mobile operators (MVNOs). Entities ranging from large Mobile Operators, fintech companies to start-ups. The first 5 years of his professional life have been spent in a leading software development company, mainly occupying positions of business analysis and its digital transformation; He understands the requirements very well from the software, telecom and business angles.


How Private 5G Network Can Power Digital Aspirations

Many forward-looking companies are exploring how private 5G networks can create more value for their industries. Connecting assets, equipment and people on a single private network is fast becoming the foundation of digitalisation and automation strategy for companies including healthcare, education, logistics, manufacturing, mining, and transportation. Private networks are designed to meet these evolving needs of businesses, foster innovation, and facilitate smarter ways of operation and initiatives. Over the next several years, there will be a surge in the deployment of 5G private networks across a variety of businesses where Xius intends to be one of the main technological allies for all those pioneers who decide to take a step forward in digitalization.