Arnoldo J. Reyes (EE.UU.) VP Digital Partnerships, Finntech & Ventures Visa Inc., Latin America and Caribbean /

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Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development for the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region for Visa, Inc. In this role, Arnoldo drives Visa’s partnerships and new initiative development with partners such as Facebook, PayPal, Google, etc.

Prior to Visa, he was an Advisor and Head of Latin America at Abra, an American Express Ventures-backed mobile payments company leveraging blockchain to facilitate P2P and P2M, and e-commerce transactions.

Previously, he served as Head of Financial Services and Business & Market Development at PayPal, Inc., where he led PayPal’s entry across six key markets in Latin America. In addition, Arnoldo led the development and launch of new consumer and small business products/services with banks, merchants and FinTech partners to
extend PayPal’s capabilities across more than 15 markets in Latin America.

Arnoldo is deeply engaged in the FinTech space as an advisor and investor in various pre-Series A companies focused on online lending, personal financial management, bill payments, etc. He’s also served as a mentor to FinTech startups in various accelerators including Wayra, VentureHive, and StartUp Chile.

Innovating Through Partnerships in Latin America

In the last few years, thousands of early and mature-stage technology companies have set their sights on the financial services industry, payments has been a particular area of interest. Many of these companies are developing innovative solutions embracing next-gen product design and distribution practices, all while managing a relatively lean infrastructure.

Without question, these players cannot be ignored as they are reshaping the payments industry landscape. Visa, in its pursuit of connecting the world through innovative digital payment solutions, has taken a proactive approach to partnering with these companies. It’s through Visa’s partnerships that a great deal of opportunities are being created – for clients, partners, and Visa cardholders everywhere. Opportunities that will most certainly power the future of payments and commerce in Latin America and the world.