Antonio Moreno (Chile), Manager at Entel Ocean /

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Antonio Moreno is a B2B technology executive who is always looking to help companies to achive their goals, understanding their business challenges and focused on delivering value in every single interaction. 

Moving from execution to more strategic positions in big tech and telecom companies give me the chance to have a deep understanding of the critical functions of an organization performs to deliver value to customers, stakeholders and teams (happy employees, happy customers= growth = happy stakeholders).

I have industry experience in utilities, manufacturing, telecom and services where I have developed big tech & consulting projects.

In the last 8 years I have been developing cloud & cybersecurity transformations.

Actually I’m working with customers to develop a sustainable digital transformations using analytics, artificial intellegence & IoT, improving it’s competitiveness and in some cases reducing its environment impact. I promote a secure, ethical and responsible use of the technology to improve the our society and people’s lives.


ENTEL & Google Cloud road to innovation

  • Learn about the story behind ENTEL’s path of innovation together with Google Cloud, how they managed to solve complex challenges, modernizing their Cloud infrastructure to run critical workloads such as Vmware, SAP, Oracle and Windows natively on Google Cloud and with performance of consistent red. With this strategic alliance, Entel Corp further expands its range of services and solutions for key industries in our country, and thus accompany them in their goal of advancing their digital transformation and migration journey to the cloud.