Andrés Silveira (Argentina), Vice-president Data & Analytics Latam Equifax. /

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Fifteen years of experience in data analysis processes, construction and implementation of predictive models, risk, process optimization and strategic information analysis, among other areas. Between 2015 and 2019 he served as Director of Data & Analytics in Equifax for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay and previously worked at IBM, Deloitte, Cencosud and Grupo SEAC, among other companies. He has a degree in Economics and Actuarial Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires.


Big Data: from confusion to monetization

Big Data is a concept that in recent years has been widely treated by specialists, academics, businessmen, etc., but nevertheless, often it generates more questions than answers. What can I use Big Data for? How does Big Data translate into benefits for my business? Is Big Data only for large companies? These are just some of the concerns about it.

In this conference we will present how to get out of that nebula and, specifically, how to use Big Data for business optimization and greater profitability, through Digital Audiences, an innovative Equifax technology.