Alfred Klutsey Paha (Ghana), Agent Network Manager, Fidelity Bank Ghana Ltd. /

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Alfred holds an EMBA in Project Management from the University of Ghana, Legon and a Bachelor of Education degree in Psychology from University of Cape Coast, Ghana.
He is responsible for the implementation of Fidelity Bank’s Agency Banking strategy and 50% of the Fidelity Bank’s Agency Banking KPIs and Agents management.

He has been leading the Agency Banking department for the past five years. He was a key member of the digitalization of the bank’s agent network from the POS era. He led the business team in the migration of the network to the current app dispensation.


Real-life Agency Banking success story from Fidelity Bank Ghana.

Fidelity Bank is one of the major banks in Ghana, offering products and services in the areas of personal, commercial and wholesale banking.

Maintaining an innovative and stable agency banking app is in the core of Fidelity’s agency operations. The bank partnered with Software Group ( to replace its existing legacy agent management system with a new cutting-edge solution. With Software Group’s Agency Banking software the bank is now successfully covering the full lifecycle of agent operations, offering its customers flexible and convenient service.

Join this session to learn how Agency Banking has enabled Fidelity Bank to expand its customer base, save costs, and increase profitability, paving its way to the top 3 banks on the Ghanaian market.