Alejandro D’Andrea (Chile), CIO Walmart Chile /

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Alejandro is the CIO of Walmart Chile, where he leads the technological front of one of the deepest digital transformations in the industry. With more than 20 years of experience in technology, 15 of them in the retail industry, Alejandro has a strong technological background but also a broad view of transformations, having created and directed the Digital Transformation area of ​​Cencosud. He also participates as an advisor to the public-private initiative Digital Talent for Chile, which trains thousands of people in digital skills. Alejandro has a degree in Computer Science from the UBA and an MBA from the Di Tella Institute.


Without technical excellence there is no transformation (or how to compete with digital natives)

At this point it is clear to all of us that traditional companies have to transform. And that a good part of that effort has to do with adopting an agility mindset and practices at all levels of the organization, implementing profound cultural changes and investing in technology and data. But many have been on this path for several years and yet the most successful digital natives continue to work at a different speed. The solution is not to put more money on the table, but to achieve technical excellence. In this talk we will get down to earth what this is all about and how it can be achieved.