May 23, 2022

IBC Innovation, Business & Consulting SA de CV (English)

We are a Mexican company that provides professional platform technology consulting services and business applications to clients around the world. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, our approach is to understand business needs and build an efficient relationship based on results.

Objectives towards our clients

Increase sales, Cost optimization, process Improvement, business continuity and increase the customer experience

To optimize costs and maximize the value of new solutions, organizations must focus their efforts on making their operations more efficient, obtaining the best performance from their resources.

We have an extensive portfolio of services, which is listed below:

  • Deployment of MS Systems: On-Premise or in the cloud (SAP, Oracle and MS Dynamics)
  • Services and technical administration for applications
  • Installation of application systems
  • Migration of systems version (technical and functional)
  • Application of maintenance in systems in an integral way
  • Technical and Functional Consulting
  • Application functional support (AMS)
  • Data Governance, Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading for DBs and Datalakes
  • Cybersecurity and regulatory compliance (ISO2700, PCI, CISO, SOC)
  • Predictive analytics
  • Multi-country and multi-language migrations (including industry technical translation)