Inmetrics is a leading company in Latin America dedicated to Software Quality Engineering, being exponents in Digital Product Development, Cloud and DevOps. With a team of more than 1,000 professionals and offices in Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Brazil, they have added more than 25 million hours of experience in technology projects during their
Digital accessibility means developing digital products (WebPages, applications, software, etc.) which could be used by every user, regardless of their physical condition. It implies creating solutions that are apt for the use of people with disabilities, either permanent (blind, deaf, mute or with neuromotor disabilities, to mention a few)– or temporary, as would be the
Today there are several public cloud providers in the industry that we can choose from and where we can upload our mission-critical business applications, but there are certain features that not all public cloud providers can deliver, and that is why we want to present the cloud hybrid of the manufacturer HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise),
In the last two years, society has experienced many changes in every aspect, especially companies with the acceleration of digital transformation, which have been faced with the need to implement new technologies to optimize work, time and resources. Being the Internet the main solution applied. That’s the reason why we want to highlight that in
The digital age is still young, but it has permanently changed everyday business. In a very short time, industries have been disrupted and new, successful business models have been created that were previously unimaginable. With the help of digitization, communication has also experienced new possibilities for business exchange and in the communication with customers, which
AUNA is the first consortium in Latin America to promote an ecosystem for companies of different sizes to create their own private blockchain networks for developing ecosystems and solutions based on this technology. AUNA was launched in August 2019 as the first consortium in the region with an ecosystem to create and access blockchain-based solutions
The transformation process is more accelerated than ever, gone are the days of the journey to the cloud, it is no longer enough to migrate to it, you must go beyond the multi-cloud with the right experts to help us adopt new platforms, in addition, this whole process must be executed with agility to stay
In the last 20 years we have lived the e-commerce revolution in people’s lives, since the beginning when companies sought to convince consumers that buying over the internet without seeing / picking up / feeling would be feasible, buying a sneaker without trying it on? Today, where digital shopping is often the first option, it
Identity as a Service: Okta and the Future of Authentication in LATAM Globally, the pandemic has accelerated digital roadmaps in all sectors, bringing with it a learning curve of new ways and dynamics with customers. How to respond to the changes? How to modernize organizations to align with the future of digital identity? Okta, the
Fairfax Software, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, was founded to provide high-quality products and integration services to the payment, document, fax, and form processing industries. Fairfax Software has provided state-of-the-art remittance processing and data capture solutions to government and state revenue customers since 1994. The solutions are based on the exclusive Quick Modules product. It is