August 17, 2022

We are NovaRed, a company with an Ibero-American scope that for more than 27 years has been focused on delivering solutions and services of excellence in Cybersecurity. We have presence (offices) in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Spain. Since 1995 we have provided quality and avant-garde, as a leading player in the industry, with the aim that large companies and organizations can carry out their digital transformation safely. Our history has allowed us to position ourselves as one of the leading companies in the industry and we have a client portfolio made up of more than 600 organizations that, in most cases, are the largest companies in the region, including: banks and financial institutions, retails, telecommunications companies, industries and service companies. Likewise, our consolidation in the market allows us to work regionally with nearly 300 professionals specialized in the different fields of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity in organizations requires an expert strategic ally, who constantly advises them on the new threats that are hitting the world in terms of information protection and thus effectively face the challenge of overcoming the exponential increase in malicious attacks on their multiple environments, formats and technologies. We accompany our clients in the design, implementation and management of an adaptive architecture with a Cyber ​​Intelligence model that increases Consistency, Effectiveness and Efficiency, to protect and prevent them from cyber attacks. Providing a support that protects them and grants them the necessary resources for the innovation, competitiveness and agility that their business aspires to. In order to ensure the excellence of our services, we have ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 quality certifications, in addition to a constant innovation and research process to be at the forefront. Likewise, as an integrating agent, we have various strategic partners and commercial and technical alliances with the world’s leading providers of cybersecurity solutions.