June 20, 2022

Over 400,000 organizations rely on Citrix to power a better way to work»

Pioneered in remote access believing people should be able to work anywhere and in any way they need. #Hybrid Work

This is what drives us to create technology that transcends the constraints of time, place, infrastructure, networks, and devices. And it’s the reason thousands of organizations around the world trust us to keep their apps available, their data safe, and their people productive—wherever and whenever work happens. 

In Citrix we’re committed to helping organizations stay agile to new ways of working, innovate through change, and move at the speed of their own ambition. We believe a powerful employee experience means people can claim the space they need, ensuring your employees always have fast, easy access to the resources they need to do their best work, no matter where the job takes them or what’s happening in the world around them.

 The Citrix platform brings intelligence, virtualization, workspace and app delivery, a zero-trust security approach, and data analytics together into a seamless experience that fosters innovation, resilience, and business continuity. From enabling sustainable remote work models to streamlining the journey to multi-cloud, Citrix helps securely deliver how work gets done today and in the future.