Marco as CIO of CODELCO, will explain first hand the evolution of CODELCO the last 10 years and the CODELCO DIGITAL Program. Given the scenario of increasing complexity that will be faced in the next five years by mining as a whole and CODELCO in particular, the need to develop an increasingly efficient and aligned with last generation production standards naturally arises. It is in this context that Information Technologies, Telecommunications, Automation and Robotics (TICAR) emerge as an enabler of a new way of doing Mining, which transcends all the enabling and integrating potential of these towards our business, achieving not only new Productivity thresholds, but also transforming the Mining business to one where Knowledge and Technology impose themselves over physical effort, which was the main driver in mining for years. To take charge of this reality CODELCO has promoted the “CODELCO DIGITAL” program, which reflects the visions we share both for our current operations and those in development, in the Corporation’s Structural Projects. Codelco Digital is a systemic program that leads us to the Mining of the Future, based on TICAR technologies, impacting mining processes with new designs, generating enabling platforms, deploying a set of secure applications, consistent with this design and developing a network Of support with the Technological Industry and the Academy.

It will show us how the Codelco Digital Program is a strategy that, together with facilitating the transition to “Mining of the Future”, shows in a conservative industry the real transformative potential of digital technologies, making mining a business not only more efficient And sustainable, but also a challenging and attractive for the new generations, who can in this new environment (digital mining) display all their innovative and entrepreneurial potential.

BIO: Marco Antonio Orellana Silva is the Corporate Manager of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Automation (TICA) at CODELCO-Chile. He chairs the international group based in Walldorf – Germany, of SAP users for Mining. This group summons the largest mining companies globally. He has actively participated in the formation of the TICA Group of Copper Mining Managers. He participates as an active member of the Association of Computer Managers of Chile, a group in which the use and application of TICA from a multisectoral perspective is discussed.

He has received the “IT Manager of the Year” awards in 2007 from the Center for the Study of Information Technologies (CETIUC) of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and “CIO of the Year” in 2010 delivered by the technological community From Chile. In May 2011, it was awarded the MIT Innovation Leadership Award in the framework of the 8th Annual MIT Sloan CIO Symposium and the 2011 ACTI Award for its support to the Internationalization of the National Technology Industry. In November 2012, it is announced its nomination of the Computerworld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders award, which was delivered in March 2013, when it received recognition as a finalist for LATAM AWARDS 2013, issued by DatacenterDynamics, for the innovation developed in the implementation of the Datacenter TICAR in the El Teniente Division and the “HITEC 50 Winners Class of 2013 – Latin America” ​​and “HITEC 50 Winners Class of 2014 – Latin America”, which is awarded to the talent and contribution of Spanish speaking technology professionals.