Hans Nikol /

Hans Nikol (Germany)
VP & Head Open Innovation Philips
#IOT&Ligthing, Energy and Smart Cities

IoT, Lighting, Energy & Smart Cities.

The world of Lighting has undergone a recent transformation from traditional to LED Lighting and the majority of products sold today are LED based. LED lights are the perfect base for IoT, which in this case means making all lighting points connected to internet as a first step. In the consumer world, with Hue Philips Lighting has created the reference in the market, allowing to control your light via your smartphone and create whole lighting scenes at home. In the professional world, Lighting will play an important role in smart retail, smart buildings, and smart cities. Several examples will be discussed. In addition, Lighting can be used to communicate (Lifi, in analogy to wifi), which enables new applications in IoT.

Bio: Hans Nikol studied chemistry in Regensburg, Germany and finished his Ph.D. in 1993. The following two years he spent as a postdoc at the California Institute of Technology. In 1995, he joined Philips Research and worked on luminescent materials for display and lighting applications, including LEDs and OLEDs. After several positions in Research, he joined Philips Lighting in 2004 to work on the development of solid state lighting applications. Actually is VP & Open Innovation head in Philips where is developing & implementing Open Innovation and building a global team with members in Asia, US, and Europe. 

Hans Nikol speaks in the most important congresses as Mobile World Congress and others.