#”Father” of Smart City


Bio: Enrique Ruz Bentué (Spain) is the author of the books “Digital Home” and “Smart City, city after all” among others. Introduced to the world the first Smart City, denominated then Digital City (2003); Bringing together a good number of companies and governments for the first time in history and designing the first Intelligent City that showed itself to the world. Years later he incorporated the value of urbanism into the vision of the Smart City, thus dismantling the technological monopoly in the development of the city, which he called EFFICIENT URBAN.

Previously he was the promoter of the concept of Digital Home, creating the Multisectoral Commission of the Digital Home, with which he succeeded that the Governments of Spain and Europe, established the first normative regulation of Intelligent Buildings.

Consultant in technology marketing and Smart City with 27 years of experience has advised the Government of Spain in the definition of the First Program of Digital Cities. He has been working for National and Municipal Governments, Municipal Strengthening Programs in Mexico, Municipal Decentralization in Panama and the definition of Smart City models or processes of transformation and modernization of cities in general in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Cameroon, Poland and China.

He founded and advised the Mexican Association of Intelligent Cities and advised on the creation of the Panamanian Association of Intelligent Cities, as well as promoting the Ibero-American Network of Intelligent Cities model.

In the private world he has collaborated with Telefonica, Bosch-Siemens, Electrolux, Philips, Prosegur, CISCO, Indra, Siedle, Berker, Motorola, Arnaiz & Partners among others.

Enrique is a Member of the Scientific Committee of the IBEROAMERICAN FORUM OF CITIES and Professor of Smart City in the EOI (Ministry of Industry of Spain).

He is a frequent lecturer in SmartCity worldwide events in four continents and has collaborated in the organization of events such as the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, ​​the Smart City Mexico Summit, the KNX International Forum, Smart City Workshops in the Mayors Conventions of Mexico and the InFocus Smart City Yinchuan (China).