Alejandro Cremades /

Alejandro Cremades (New York)
#Best Selling Author
The art of Startup Fundraising

Conference title:
How to raise capital from US$0,3-10 million for each stage of your company?

The Art of Startup Fundraising: pitching investors, negotiating the deal, and everything else entrepreneurs need to know.

Alejandro Cremades Conferences will cover:

· What fundraising sources you can tap into
· About crowdfunding and which regulations to watch out for
· How angel investors and angel groups work
· How VCs work
· How to determine your company’s valuation
· How to structure a funding investment plan for each stage of your company?
· The due diligence process
· What investors look for Economic terms of the term sheet
· Techniques to establishing your valuation
· Fundraising case studies by stages
· Board structures and corporate governance of the board
· Best practices on updating investors
· Beyond the first raise
· Managing to get an exit opportunity
· Introduction to the JOBS Act and regulatory frameworks to raise capital.
· Why the JOBS Act was exciting
· Why the JOBS Act ended up disappointing
· Angel investors
· How angel investors structure their startup investments
· Venture Capital firms
· Funnel of Venture Capital firms and how they screen investments
· The introduction process to Venture Capital firms from a founder perspective
· Defining other alternative sources of capital
· Friends and family and when it makes sense
· Pattern recognition from startup investors
· Different funding structures from a legal perspective
· Explaining the fundraising timeline
· The art of the story. How investors connect the dots from what entrepreneurs are telling them.
· Business plans are dead
· What to include in pitch decks and how to present them
· The slides that matter the most in pitch decks according to data
· The main drivers behind valuations for early stage companies


Alejandro Cremades is the author of the bestselling book The Art of Startup Fundraising.

Alejandro has been included in the Top 30 Under 30 lists of Vanity Fair, Entrepreneur Magazine, and GQ Magazine. Moreover, TechCrunch recently featured Alejandro as one of the expats that is shaping New York’s tech.

He leads the vision and execution for Onevest as its Co-Founder and Executive Chairman. The Onevest ecosystem supports founders and investors in building successful ventures.

Onevest currently operates and owns 1000 Angels which is the leading investor network that allows members to build a venture portfolio free of management fees, carried interest, or large capital commitments.

In addition, Onevest also operates and owns CoFoundersLab which is one of the largest networks for entrepreneurs with over 350,000 entrepreneurs registered. The network of CoFoundersLab supports entrepreneurs throughout the entire journey of building and scaling a business.

Prior to Onevest, Alejandro was an attorney at King & Spalding where he was involved in one of the largest investment arbitration cases in history with $113 billion at stake (Chevron vs. Ecuador).

Alejandro guest lectures at NYU Stern School of Business and The Wharton Business School.

Alejandro has been involved with the JOBS Act since inception. He was invited to the White House and the US House of Representatives to provide his stands on the new regulatory changes.