Agustín Fava /

Agustín Fava (Argentina)
Strategic Brand Manager at Tsoft.

Conference title:
Enterprise Governance: Information management in the Costumer Era.

The amount of data generated daily in organizations provides unique challenges for smart Enterprise Governance. In this context, precise data mining allows companies to detect faults and patterns, and discover useful trends for strategic business decision making, enhance productivity and comply regulations.

Agustin Fava has a Bachelor’s degree in Systems from CAECE University (Argentina). As an IT professional, he has been working for 20 years developing his career in several areas such as Health, Logistics, Banking and Telecoms, as well as in Development activities, Data Mining and in Specialised IT Consultancy, Quality Assurance, IT Governance, Operations and Processes.

Speaker, manager specializing in IT Services and Sales, Innovation, Research and Development; presently, he works as Strategic Brand Manager at Tsoft, being the main link between the Company and its partners, such as Tableau Software.